Internet streaming Services

Internet Streaming is the process of sending encoded (digitized) audio and/or video data out across the Internet as a series of small data packets that may be received by the end user by using a media player. And In the new era of catch-up television through internet, and in order to present a best internet television streaming that vary from news, live coverage, films and TV programs we need to have an infrastructure that resists numerous visitors keeping the best quality for both audio and video; also Providing video and audio contents to your target using the internet can be critical when it comes to the user's quality experience and the Video portals have multiplied, and contents can be easily shared and viewed on many platforms (computer, tablet PC, smartphones, etc…).

BMP Offer you the Best Solution with the Best Quality and long term Stability through these Internet streaming services:

  • Turnkey infrastructure including hardware, site and server setup, internet bandwidth and team training
  • Expandable architecture for future developments.
  • Complete website hosting
  • Secured infrastructure.
  • High availability for special events (automatic bandwidth upgrade for live streaming or breaking news)